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Clear PVC Sleeves

Clear PVC sleeves are designed to protect important documents and items. Made from 'copy safe' clear PVC, this substrate will repel ink so that the contents doesn't stick to the interior of the pockets. We offer many different options such as;

  • Standard (A5, A4 & A3) and Custom Sizing

  • Margins and Holes Punched

  • A Range of Thicknesses

  • Frosted or Textured PVC

  • Self Adhesive Backing

  • Flaps, Adhesive or Velcro Closures

These sleeves have many uses such as diploma pockets, car sale sleeves, permit sleeves and magazine protectors. Get in contact with us to discuss your requirements. 

PVC Sleeve with Velcro Dots
A4 PVC Clear Sleeve
Business Card Sleeve

A4 Sleeves - $1.10 Each + GST

We carry A4 Sleeves in stock available for purchase for smaller quantities. Made from 0.15mm Copy Safe Clear PVC, these are a heavy duty pocket perfect for a wide range of uses. Available with a margin with multi-holes for use in ring binders or compendiums or without a margin to keep sheets safe and protected.

A4 Sleeve.JPG
A4 Sleeve Multihole.JPG
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