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Polypropylene Products & Plastic Brochure Holders

Polypropylene is a durable plastic substrate which makes it perfect for datacases, satchels, brochure holders, point of sale applications and packaging. It is a fully recyclable material and the polypropylene we use is certified carbon neutral.

Available in a superb range of colours and thicknesses ranging from 0.38mm - 1.9mm, sheets can be screenprinted, die cut and folded to create custom products to stand out. To see our colour range, please click here

We have several options for polypropylene made from 50% or 100% recycled contents and is fully recyclable

We have tooling for datacases in A5 and A4 with a variety of spine thicknesses. These are perfect for:

  • education and training material

  • resource kits

  • product launches

  • data storage

Freeview Polypropylene Stand
PP Wallet
PP Door Hanger
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