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Sizing and Ring Mechanism Information

The table below outlines what size inserts/slicks are required for incapsulation into the various sizes of ring binders (paper inserted into front, back and spine). We recommend a paper weight of 160 gsm or more.

This table also shows the paper capacity that ideally suits each ring binder size.

Please be aware that our recommended insert sizing for open top folders are slightly smaller than the sizes listed for encapsulation below.

Ring Mechanisms

The 2 common styles are either 'D' or 'O'.

'D' rings allow for 25% more capacity than the 'O' rings.

'O' rings are used to allow for easy turning of each content page and are normally rivetted to the ringbinder spine.


Number Of Rings

The standard ring mechanisms are available in either 2 ring, 3 ring or 4 ring.

The greater the number of rings, the greater the stability of the pages inside.

Other sizes are available with larger number of rings. (Please ask us about these).

The diagrams show the capacity available for internal content pages and dividers. These are generally also the size referred to when quoting for ringbinders.

These diagrams are not to scale and should be used as a guideline only.

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