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About Nexus Vinyls

Nexus Vinyls has a proud history and has been operating from the same factory in Wainuiomata since it was established in 1989 - over 30 years ago.


We are very proud of its roots in Wainuiomata with the majority of the staff living locally. We are family owned and operated company.

The core business of producing PVC Ringbinders has continued to grow and remains the primary product of manufacture. Over the years, the range of products that Nexus has the capability to produce has grown into  a complete range of folders, datacases, car and travel wallets. To see our product range please see Presentation Stationery.


The industry that Nexus Vinyls operates in continues to evolve. The last ten years has seen a number of smaller companies merge to ensure they remain competitive in a market competing with imported products.


Nexus Vinyls has also been through a significant merge / growth phase in the last few years with the most recent acquisition in January 2020. This has allowed it to maintain its competiveness through the economies of scales gained by better utilisation of resources and larger production runs.


Nexus Vinyls now consists of the following companies:

 - Marnick Plastics

 - Waikanae Plastics

 - Weltex Plastics (Christchurch)

 - Competitive Plastics (Christchurch) 


We continue to hold most of the files and tooling for the above companies. If they were your previous supplier, there is a high likelihood we will have your project on file. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with the team to see how Nexus Vinyls can help you.


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Our Sister Companies

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